Videos from the York neoliberalism conference in July

Still not very well and not feeling up to writing up ideas, mainly sitting at home feeling sorry for myself while listening to the new 65daysofstatic album (because I live in Sheffield you see).

I’ve also been watching a couple of the papers I missed at the excellent ‘Neoliberalism, Crisis and the World System’ conference in York, organised by Nicholas Gane and Claire Westall back at the beginning of July. The organisers have been gradually uploading the presentations onto YouTube. You can watch them all there on the dedicated channel they’ve set up. There was also a series of articles related to the conference papers written for openDemocracy.

So another post of links I’m afraid.

I’ve recently been trying to fill one of the many gaping holes in my social theoretical understanding of the world – this time in the shape of the state. I’ve been reading bits and pieces from the debates around Open Marxism (there’s lots of free material on Werner Bonefeld’s paper at the conference on the German ordo-liberals was certainly one which caught my attention (again much of Werner’s material is available at, including this one which relates to the topic of the talk)

William Davies’ paper ‘Revenge of the Social’ was very good too. Davies blogs at potlatch which I highly recommend, and also writes on openDemocracy from time to time (I’m sure most of you will know already if you’ve come across my obscure blog!)

The third paper I found particularly interesting was Rowland Atkinson’s titled ‘Domestic Sovereigns: The Private Home and Public Space’:

There are another 12 there to watch (and I’ve just watched Clare Birchall’s too which I missed on the day and is very thought provoking)


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