Ask the People of Manchester

A quick post after a hat-tip from Manchester Climate Monthly of the city I call home, on a petition you should really sign.

Manchester City Council just received an unexpected £14.5m dividend from its 35 per cent stake in Manchester Airport Group, which the council is proposing to use for a so-called ‘Clean and Green Places Initiative’. While Cllr Bernard Priest is “asking the people of Manchester to do is to engage with us through the normal processes”* which demonstrably don’t work (for actual residents at least), this petition is demanding a full and democratic consultation on how the money is spent.

Here’s ‘5 reasons the council should welcome a public consultation’. This isn’t a blog where I post up petitions for you to sign, but on a couple of people’s initiative this could be an opportunity. It is your city after all. More at

*and please do read/listen to that short interview to get an idea of the earth-shattering neoliberal urban platitudes that pass for political leadership in Manchester


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