Blogging again

I’m going to try to start blogging again to get my brain out of its summer slump, now I’m upgraded and preparing for fieldwork, and I’ve got lots of ideas bubbling away. But in the meantime and while I’m too ill to think properly (and about to run off to go to Hillsborough to see Wednesday crush Yeovil) here’s a couple of things…

Last night I listened to an excellent interview with Jason Read of Unemployed Negativity (a blog I’ve just started reading and is well worth checking out – like this little one on the concept of ‘negative solidarity’) on Exist Anew titled ‘The Dilemma of Work’.

By and large the politics of work and post-work imaginaries is an extremely difficult subject to articulate – or at least articulate well outside of very insular in-the-know political/academic groups – and this conversation seemed to me a breath of fresh air. Some of the questions veer towards lifestyle politics, escapism and localism, but in part I think that’s what makes the interview interesting, and Read deals with them expertly.

Secondly a tip that Mark Purcell has a new article on Lefebvre titled ‘The right to the city: the struggle for democracy in the urban public realm’ in the Policy and Politics journal, which is free to access till the end of September. Haven’t read it yet, but not much point posting this after the point you need a university log-in again!

Finally I was sad to hear of the passing of Marshall Berman, author of All That is Solid Melts Into Air, The Politics of Authenticity, and Adventures in Marxism. There are tributes with links to some of his articles and some lovely videos at Dissent Magazine, Crooked Timber and Verso.


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