The Commons: in what state? – workshop in Manchester

Very good-looking workshop in Manchester in June

Progressive Geographies

Please contact with any inquiries

One-day workshop for PhD and early career researchers organised by Open Space at the University of Manchester and sponsored by cities@manchester

Date: Thursday 20th June 2013

This one-day workshop specifically for PhD and early career researchers across the UK aims to explore the nature, relevance, and value of the ‘commons’ for us today. In the context of the global financial crisis spawning resistance movements to the austerity urbanism imposed in its wake a new political narrative of the ‘commons’ appears to emerge as the signifier of radical alternatives to neoliberalization. But what do we mean by the ‘commons’ and how can we make theoretical sense and political use out of the concept?

Intensified neoliberal enclosure is constructing walls to produce what Žižek (2009) describes as “social apartheid”. This ‘walling’ is at work at multiple scales (Jeffrey, McFarlane, & Vasudevan, 2011): from the global…

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