The fossil fuel web of power

Relating back to today’s earlier post about the No Dash for Gas lawsuit and the issues therein, my former employers the World Development Movement have just brought out a report on the ‘energy-finance complex’. In it they detail the one third of government ministers, including George Osborne, William Hague, Vince Cable and Michael Gove, with links to UK finance and energy companies involved in the murky world of fuelling climate change. There’s a very good infographic that goes with it but which I can’t seem to embed into the blog, but check it out here.

WDM are a really excellent organisation I am proud to have worked for – fiercely independent and politically radical, creative and so often successful in their campaigns. Here’s a link too to the new Bankers Anonymous site recently set up, part of the food speculation campaign I was most involved with during my time there. It’s looking to capitalise on Barclays Capital’s decision, on the back of a public backlash driven in large part by WDM campaigners’ efforts, to pull out of food commodity markets.

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    Links between oil, finance and government – the interactive infographic is well worth a look.

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