It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but I’m going to be getting on it again, especially as my PhD topic takes shape, and I get over the panic of only being at this stage six months into the first year – which I’m repeatedly reassured is normal and fine.

First off I think I should mention the campaign against EDF’s ludicrous £5m lawsuit against the No Dash For Gas 21, the brave direct action group who late last year occupied chimneys of the West Burton gas-fired power station. Others have explained far more lucidly than I can the issues at stake, such as climate change, rising fuel bills, corporate influence over government policy and the stifling of dissent. The campaign has gathered an enormous momentum which needs sustaining to make EDF truly regret their actions, so here’s a little reminder of the  and some links below of what you can do:



The petition which has nearly got 65,000 signatures now is here, while the new EDF*Off website here makes switching to alternative and affordable renewable providers easy – which I’ve done this morning. Keep up to date with the campaign and solidarity actions you can take via the No Das for Gas website, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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