Report on Monday’s Creating Worlds Workshop

Experimental Geographies


I was lucky enough to attend an excellent workshop on Monday at Royal Holloway on Creating Worlds: The Affective Spaces of Experimental Politics. The workshop was organized by Anja Kanngieser and the wider Protest Camp collective. In the words of the original brief, it sought to “bring together those exploring questions of how we live within, formulate, create and antagonise, spaces and places of politics: public and private, macro-political and micro-political.” In so doing, the main aim of the event was to provoke a “conversation about spaces in which self-organisation occur, whereby people come together in some sort of common articulation.” The workshop thus placed particular emphasis on the complex affective threads – the energies and desires – that run through and often hold together and sustain radical political spaces and alternative lifeworlds.

As the whole event has been recorded and will soon be available to download, it is…

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