Anarchist and Autonomous Marxist Geographies issue at ACME linked to by Antipode Foundation blog

You wait almost 35 years for a special issue on anarchist geographies, and then two arrive at once… Antipode‘s ‘Anarchist Geographies‘ came out late last year (you can see one of the guest editors, Simon Springer, talking about it here) and our colleagues at ACME have just released ‘Anarchist and Autonomous Marxist Geographies‘, guest edited by Nathan Clough and Renata Blumberg. It looks like there are some great open access papers, including contributions from Antipode authors Farhang Rouhani, Mark Purcell and Nathan himself, and one from our very own Nik Heynen.

For more on autonomy, check out our recent symposium, organised by Antipode editor Paul Chatterton, ‘Autonomy: The Struggle for Survival, Self-Management and the Common‘, featuring papers from John Holloway, Chris Carlsson and Francesca Manning, Massimo De Angelis, Gustavo Esteva, Jai Sen, and the Free Association.

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