Not sure why this only appeared in my feed so late, but an interesting post by Sian Sullivan reflecting on the ‘Development for a Finite Planet’ conference in Oslo, drawing on Deleuze and Guattari and asking how we can use our research effectively to assist struggle.

Sian Sullivan

It’s November and I am in Oslo for the Norwegian Association for Development Research conferenceDevelopment for a Finite Planet: Grassroots Perspectives and Responses to Climate Change, Resource Extraction and Economic Development. The conference has collected together an array of fascinating papers on local engagements with, and contestations of, environmental issues, in contexts as far apart as South Africa’s townships and the Amazon forests of Ecuador. I have been invited to be the discussant for the three papers constituting one of two partner panels on Resistance to Environmental Interventions, consisting of papers by both established and up and coming researchers on resource access and social justice issues. This post is constituted by my notes in response to the following papers:

George Holmes (Leeds University, UK) The politics of scale, hegemony, and resistance to a protected area in the Dominican Republic.

Narayana Rakesh, Darley Jose Kjosavik and…

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