Neil Gray on Rebel Cities

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There’s a very good critique of David Harvey’s Rebel Cities on the Mute Magazine website by Neil Gray. I haven’t actually read the book myself, but I have read most of the content before – it is largely a collection of writings on cities from the last three or four years.

Gray’s contention is that Harvey’s neglect of autonomous urban struggles in Italy in the 1970s (referring to Lotta Continua’s ‘Take Over the City’ and Sergio Bologna’s ‘territorial community activism’) in his analysis is symptomatic of an inadequate politics of the more traditional Marxist left, which fails to grapple with today’s social reality.

I have often found Harvey’s conflated straw men of autonomism, anarchism, co-operative solidarity economies and so on frustrating to say the least, not least because it undermines some very valid criticisms, as Gray himself says. I’ll let you read the argument yourselves, which I must say I find compelling, including the potentially productive dialogue through Lefebvre.

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    The Urban Fix links to Neil Gray’s critique of David Harvey’s Rebel Cities.

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