UCL Save Carpenters in occupation


My hermit-like attempts to work are clearly cutting me off from the real world. Great news that as part of the campaign to stop UCL bulldozing a community in Stratford in order to make way for a new campus, UCL Save Carpenters have gone into occupation. They’ve got a tumblr and are on Facebook and Twitter, and have a petition to sign.

I’ve long wondered at the seeming lack of campus-based activism (in the UK at least) which focuses on how universities relate to local space and nearby populations, and in particular as property owners and developers.  Universities often play very important roles in the neoliberalisation of urban space and gentrification, but this is an issue which rarely gains any acknowledgement by – let alone traction with – political groups within higher education.

This is a very important campaign, and I would urge you to read up and get involved if possible.


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